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What Is A Ladybug?

If you are a Syracuse resident, you are more than familiar with ladybugs. Maybe it was at a family outing that you encounter them. Perhaps, it was during a picnic or a cookout with a neighbor. Whatever the situation, you’ve likely encountered a ladybug or two. This doesn’t mean you’ve dealt with an infestation, but you’ve no doubt at least encountered the bug. Being a beetle and from the Coccinellidae Family, these insects can grow anywhere from 1/32 inches to just under ½ inch in length. The most common colors for these critters are scarlet, orange, or yellow with small black spots on their wings. The legs, heads, and antenna are usually solid black.

There are currently over 5,000 known species spread across the world, but only 450 or so are native to North America. In Europe and North America, there are several species considered nuisances and pests. However, for the most part, they are considered useful insects. And, this is because they feed on other aphids. As a matter of fact, this is why the species was introduced in North America. They were released to help control the aphid population in commercial gardens and orchards. The Mall of America has reportedly released 2 million of these critters since 1992. Pretty interesting stuff, right?

Just the beginning of what you are going to need to know in order to deal with these critters.

Why Do People Have Ladybugs In Syracuse?

As you just learned, most of the ladybugs you’ll encounter in Syracuse are going to be considered benign. These critters were introduced into the area as a means of agricultural control, helping control the aphid population in commercial gardens and orchards. The numbers of these bugs have only grown as the years have flown by. And, this is because they’ve become survivors. These pests cannot stand the harsh elements of snow and frost. It kills them, as they literally freeze to death. Due to these conditions, they learned to venture indoors to avoid such elements.

This is why most people find them in their homes or buildings. The bugs are there riding out the winter in the walls. They’ll usually get into the home via cracks and crevices in the foundations, walls, doors, and windows. Once in the home, they’ll travel to the walls most exposed to the sun. However, the tricky part is, these critters don’t build nests in the wall. Instead, they aggregate.

How To Successfully Eliminate Ladybugs

Ladybugs are usually found in Syracuse properties because they are sensually hibernating. They are trying to ride out the winter in your walls. That being said, you just learned that instead of building nests, they aggregate Unfortunately, this makes them extremely difficult to eliminate. More difficult than your traditional pest. Because they don’t have nests, they can easily pick up and move. This gives them the ability to adapt on the fly. Since there are no nests to attack or get rid of, it makes elimination all that more difficult. It’s usually something that requires the assistance of highly trained professionals. We are here and more than willing to help.

Can I Tackle Ladybugs Myself? 

This is a question that we commonly get, as a pest management professionals in Syracuse. And, we will tell you, it is entirely possible to tackle your ladybug problem. And, you might even have some success. The truth of the matter is though, it will be nearly impossible to completely eliminate the problem on your lonesome. This is because these pests do not nest. Given this information, they can scatter to other areas and thrive. It would be okay if most pesticides or treatments killed on contact, but they don’t.

The ones that we use do, but this is because they contain highly potential hazardous chemicals. Chemicals that are illegal to the general public. This is why over-the-counter products aren’t as effective. Anyone dealing with these chemicals without a proper EPA certification is doing so illegally. These are just things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a ladybug professional to handle your problems.

How Soon Will Help Get Here?

Professional pest management is always the way to go when it comes to ladybugs, given their ability to adapt on the fly. Doing so will not only save you time and money, but it’ll just save you a huge headache while helping eliminate the problem sooner. Our innate understanding combined with our access to tools and knowledge keeps us busy all time of year. That being said, we are always more than willing to do whatever our customers need. Whether you need us at the property after hours or on a weekend, we are there. After making that initial call, we’ll have someone out there within the next 24 to 48 hours. Now, the ball’s in your court. It’s up to you to call!

Can I Prevent Ladybug Infestations

Whether it be ladybugs, fleas, ants, or bed bugs, it is always best to head the problem head-on before it becomes widespread. Heck, it’s best if you can stop the problem before it starts, but this is nearly impossible. We wouldn’t be needed if it were. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try because what you little can do will make the biggest difference in the world. Sealing tiny cracks and crevices in your foundation along with cutting off entry points at your door and window, and you’ll be well on your way. This is something else that we can help with. After helping you eliminate your infestation, we can sit down with you and help you devise a prevention plan.

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