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What Is The Occasional Invader?

Given their name, you can probably surmise what the occasional invader is. It’s simply a pest that’ll find its way into your home every once in a while. That while is when they are seeking either warmth, food, or shelter. It could be entirely possible that they are just passing through as well. Whatever the situation, understanding each specific pest and what it brings to the table can help with elimination. Just because all these pests fall into the occasional invader category, it does mean they’ll have the same characteristics and traits. It first starts with identifying occasional invaders.

Pests that fall into the occasional invader category would include:

Now, that you know which insects fall into the occasional invader category, you’ll need to understand a few interesting things about these critters. Here are some interesting facts that’ll help you with elimination:

  • House centipedes like to take up residence in showers and tubs
  • Earwigs are big fans of moisture
  • Pill Bugs can be commonly referred to as Roly Polies and Doodle Bugs
  • The Silverfish is an occasional invader that only eats carbohydrates like sugars and starches

Why Do Syracuse Properties Have Occasional Invaders?

If you find your Syracuse property infested with occasional invaders, it is for one of four reasons. These would be that they are either seeking shelter, seeking water, seeking food or just simply passing through. While this might be somewhat innocuous, there is much more to the equation than that.

How To Eliminate Occasional Invaders

When it comes to occasional invaders, if you want to attack them, you are going to have to attack them from the outside. That with the outside of the structure and prevent the pests from entering. Once these critters have taken up residence in the home, they become twice as hard to eliminate. The best way to tackle occasional invaders is by simply vacuuming them up. Sucking them up with the vacuum cleaner and then disposing of the bag in a sealed can that’s located at least three feet away from the home. As easy as this sounds, it is much harder said than done. And, that is because these critters can be creepy. They might not be dangerous or even pose a threat, but they can be mentally taxing and draining.

While there are over-the-counter treatments and pesticides available, one is much better off to opt for professional assistance. While you can vacuum these critters up, it is highly unlikely that doing just this will eliminate the problem. You’ll likely have to utilize pesticides and chemicals as well or so similar form of treatment. The only problem is the over-the-counter versions aren’t as effective. This is because they don’t contain the essential ingredients.

Are Occasional Invaders A Threat?

When it comes right down to it, occasional invaders aren’t really a threat. At least not in the physical sense. They don’t bite, they don’t sting, and they don’t transmit diseases. They don’t really do any damage to your property either. Heck, they don’t even reproduce on the property, which is just one less thing you have to worry about. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be a problem. They are creepy-looking critters. Just pull up a picture of an earwig or a silverfish. They are creepy and some people become so enamored with these critters that they have a hard time sleeping in the home with them.

How Soon Can Help Get Here?

As you just learned, it’s best to opt for professional assistance right from the beginning. This will just save you time and money. We are more than willing to help. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll have someone out at the property within 24 to 48 hours after you make that call. That being said, we do have emergency techs always standing by in the event that someone needs assistance immediately.

Can I Prevent Occasional Invaders From Getting In My Property

It doesn’t matter what type of insect you are dealing with, you are always much better if you can prevent the problem from becoming a problem. Unfortunately, this is much harder said than done, but you can do your part to limit and contain the infestation. If you are unable to do these things we are always more than willing. After eliminating your infestation, we’ll help you devise a prevention plan that could potentially keep your property pest-free from the foreseeable future. All you have to do is call!

Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can’t try on your own if you are capable. Here are some things you can try:

  • Always keep your kitchen and pantry area clean
  • Immediately remove crumbs and leftover food
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Keep garbage clean and in sealed containers
  • Keep all food stored in plastic, sealed containers
  • Fix excessive moisture in problematic areas
  • Keep attics, under sinks, crawl spaces, and basements properly ventilated
  • Always inspect old and new food products before mixing the two
  • Inspect any packages you bring into the home

We always have people standing by ready to answer your questions and field your concerns. All you have to do is reach out! Give our Syracuse offices a call.

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