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Professional Mouse, Rat, And Rodent Control Syracuse NY

Some of the most challenging pest infestations involve rodents like mice and rats. Rodents target commercial, residential, and industrial establishments, gnawing their way through various structural components. Mice and rats gnaw through wood, plastic, upholstery, PVC, drywall, paperboard, and tin, all of which are utilized to make structural components. When these structural components are weak, it leaves the home vulnerable to household pests – rodents and insects.

The two most common rodent sightings in Syracuse include the deer mouse and house mouse. Both rodents have physical characteristics that make them easy to identify and differentiate between species.

The house mouse has minimal fur on its body, with a pointy black nose, black eyes, and round-tipped ears. The body varies from solid black to light brown or tan. The abdomen is gray and fecal droppings are shaped like cooked granules of rice, except they are black.

The deer mouse is multi-colored, with a white tail and feet. The tail measures the same size as the body and head combined. The rounded ears and eyes and slightly larger than that of the house mouse. The fecal droppings are similar to cooked rice granules but black with pointy ends.

Common Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

  • Fecal droppings located throughout the impacted home
  • Nests constructed from yard debris – grass, twigs, leaves, and seeds
  • Teeth marks on structural components of the impacted home
  • Gnaw marks on food packaging and storage containers
  • Audible noise replicates paws scurrying along walls and other surfaces

What Does Rodent Fecal Droppings Look Like?

Mice and rats drop their feces along paths they travel to and from a food supply to their nests. The droppings range between black and dark brown. Depending on the rodent’s size, the fecal droppings may measure up to 6 millimeters in length. The granular shape is similar to rice granules. Witnesses claim rodent feces has a distinctive odor that is unpleasantly musty.

Why Is My Syracuse Property Infested With Mice?

Mice and rats target properties with the essentials – food, shelter, and water. The pests enter through the open passageways utilized to deliver electricity and water into the buildings. When there are no accessible openings, rodents will oftentimes opt to make them. Utilizing their sharp teeth, rodents gnaw through structural components like studs, slabs, parapets, lintels, and columns.

Openings just large enough for their bodies to pass through are created in exterior walls and floors. Once inside, the rodents immediately initiate a search for food, water, and shelter, whichever one comes first.

Do Mice Carry Diseases?

Yes, mice and rats do spread disease to humans through infected bites. Mice-borne illnesses include hantavirus, Lassa fever, plague, rat-bite fever hemorrhagic fever, and leptospirosis. Victims of these illnesses range from young children to teenagers to young adults to senior citizens.

Rats and mice have also been linked to parasitic infestation, such as the tick and flea. The illnesses generally spread through the bite of an infected rodent. However, some cases have been connected to contaminated fecal material that is ingested by the

Do Mice Cause Structural Damage?

Yes, mice have sharp teeth that are utilized for feeding, erecting nests, gnawing access points in structural components. It is unfortunate when this happens because the damage is permanent. Rodent teeth are continuously growing, forcing them to frequently file them down. Gnawing on structural components that make up a building is a great way for rodents to keep their teeth from growing out of control and becoming dull.

Rodents are extremely dangerous mammals, especially to people with immunodeficiency disorders and chronic illnesses, such as cancer.

Rodent infestation poses health risks to all the home’s occupants. The health risks are associated with contaminated fecal droppings, bites of an infected rodent, contaminated food preparation surfaces, and contaminated water sources.

What Is The Most Effective Pest Control Strategy For Rats?

Professional pest control is more effective than other treatments, such as do-it-yourself pesticides. We combine industrial-strength rodent bait with routine visual home inspections to ensure maximum results.

There are a few things you can do to help expedite the pest control process. We highly suggest closing all access points utilized by rats to infiltrate your home. Metal sheeting, stainless steel pot scrubbers, and other durable materials should be utilized for this task. In the meantime, our exterminators will work on a treatment plan based on the data collected during the inspection.

How Do I Schedule A Rodent Inspection For My Syracuse Property?

We suggest contacting our customer support team in Syracuse. You can submit your rodent inspection service request via email, social media, and landline. We highly suggest immediate action to avoid any unnecessary delays, which could result in a more severe infestation. Our service processing takes between 24 and 48 hours during the rodent off-season.

All service requests taken during peak rodent season will take at least 48 hours to complete. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Syracuse customer support to learn more.

What Can I Do To Mice-Proof My Syracuse Home?

The first thing you can and should do is seal all rodent access points. Rodents infiltrate homes through utility service passageways, sewage lines, pet doors, and rodent-made openings. Rodents have extremely sharp teeth that are continuously growing. Filing the teeth down requires extreme gnawing of structural components

  • Keep your home decluttered at all times
  • Routinely mow your lawn
  • Develop a realistic household waste disposal system
  • Prune shrubs, plants, and trees to deter unwanted rodents from targeting your home
  • Vacuum kitchen cabinets, pantries, areas around appliances, and cubbyholes
  • Store non-refrigerated food in glass, stainless steel, or plastic containers with resealable lids
  • Immediately clean up after each meal

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our free rodent inspection and consultation. We will set up an appointment to have your home or business inspected. Our exterminators understand the importance of early awareness.

Knowing there is a risk of rodent infestation is definitely a good start. However, to keep your home rodent-free from here on out requires full dedication from all family members.

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