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Professional Stink Bug Pest Control Syracuse NY

The Brown Marmorated Stink BugBMSB,” also known as the stink bug, originates from Asia. The first sign of stink bugs in the United States was in 1996. Residents of Allentown, Pennsylvania reported sightings of stink bugs to city officials. It was determined, the insects traveled in fruit crates from Asia to Allentown in 1996.

Why Are Stinkbugs Infesting My Home?

Stinkbugs at maturity measure about ¾ inches in length, allowing them to utilize small entry points to infiltrate homes. These overwintering pests spend the winter season in deep sleep, similar to hibernation. Overwintering protects the species from extinction.

Do Stinkbugs Carry Disease?

No, stinkbugs do not spread disease to humans. Stinkbugs do colonize before entering the overwintering state. To avoid the winter elements, stinkbugs infiltrate buildings in search of discrete, warm hiding places.

What Is The Most Effective Stinkbug Extermination Strategy?

Professional pest control is by far the best strategy for stinkbug eradication. Two treatments combined with a visual inspection are guaranteed to eradicate a full-blown stinkbug infestation. To learn more about our professional stinkbug strategies, reach out to our Syracuse extermination team.

Is Professional Stinkbug Control Cost-Efficient?

Yes, because it requires fewer treatments than DIY pesticides in many cases. Professional pest control utilizes an industrial-strength pesticide, which has been deemed a high-potency formula. Consumers do not have access to industrial-strength pesticides, only standard-grade pesticides.

When Can I Schedule A Stinkbug Inspection?

You can schedule an inspection by contacting our Syracuse location via email, landline, or social media. We operate 5 days a week and some weekends, delivering high-quality pest control throughout Syracuse.

We recommend a date and time that will mesh with your schedule.

How Can I Prevent A Repeat Stinkbug Infestation?

We recommend our professional stinkbug prevention, which combines inspections with the necessary structural component repairs. Door and window frames, air conditioning duct connections, and damaged siding can be utilized by stinkbugs to infiltrate homes.

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