Reasons To Visit Syracuse NY

A lot of people have thought about visiting New York. However, most focus on tourist hot spots such as New York City. Although you’ll want to visit these cities, you’ll also want to think outside of the box. For instance, you should visit lesser-known areas such as Syracuse. Although it has a smaller reputation, it still has plenty to offer. Whether you’re a fan of art, beautiful landscapes, or animals, you can guarantee that Syracuse will satisfy you. Below, you’ll find out about the area’s top attractions.

Salt Museum

First and foremost, tourists should think about stopping by the Salt Museum. It is located on the shore of Onondaga Lake in Syracuse. The museum gives visitors the chance to learn more about Syracuse and the history of salt. Surprisingly, the two have a lot in common. Guides wearing period clothes will lead guests on tours of the museum’s artifacts. Most focus on the salt industry’s history and dates back to the 19th century. If you’re interested in learning more about the salt industry, visit the Salt Museum. You’ll be fascinated by the wonderful exhibits.

Onondaga Lake Skate Park

If you’re a fan of skating, you’ll want to visit the Onondaga Lake Skate Park. It is widely considered one of the best skate parks in the area. The park spans over 16,900 square feet. It is concrete and suitable for many vehicles, including skates, scooters, BMX bikes, and skateboards. Plus, the park has an 8-foot deep Liberty Bowl, 3.5 feet high volcano, and more. You’ll be able to enjoy quarter pipes, spines, hips, grind rails, and more. Be sure to wear a helmet because you don’t want your fun trip to turn into a nightmare.

Everson Museum Of Art

Fans of art should stop by the Everson Museum of Art. It can be found on Harrison Street in Syracuse. The museum focuses on American art and was established in 1897. Suffice to say, the museum has a rich history. It has a lot of collections, including American paintings, video art, and ceramic art. It was founded by George Fisk Comfort many years ago. You’ll also find that the museum is popular among skateboarders. Just remember that skating here is controversial. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting because the museum has a lot to offer. The park is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is closed from Monday to Wednesday. If you want to explore amazing American artworks, it would be wise to visit this museum.