Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Travelers are in an immense amount of danger when traveling locally and abroad due to the threat of bed bugs. Consumers expect to get their money’s worth when booking their accommodations in 5-star hotels and motels. Even if you settle for a roadside inn, you expect to get what you pay for. Unfortunately, some consumers end up getting more than their money’s worth. But, it is days, weeks, or months down the road before the consumers realize they are victims of circumstances. This is how long it takes bed bugs to make their presence after an initial encounter. Each year, thousands of travelers unknowingly encounter bed bugs when visiting motels. Bed bugs travel from location to location in suitcases, backpacks, overnight bags, purses, jackets, shoes, and other accessories. The first sign of bed bugs may take several weeks or months to surface. A pinpoint-sized bite mark(s) is generally the first sign of bed bugs.

SLEEP – Stay Safe When Traveling

Travelers do not need to be in fear of bed bugs. Instead, they need to be aware and prepared. Experts have devised a strategy to help travelers stay bed bug-free from start to finish. “SLEEP” is an acronym utilized when educating travelers about bed bug prevention. What is SLEEP and how can it help me protect myself and my travel companions from becoming the next bed bug victims?

“S” Survey And Scan

The letter “S” stands for scan and survey. Slowly scan the room, looking for signs that point to a bed bug infestation. Cleanliness is not 100 percent protection from bed bugs. Even the cleanest 5-star motel can be infested with bed bugs. You must remember, bed bugs exhibit deceptive behavior in an attempt to stay discrete. The insects are nocturnal, hiding during the day and feeding at night is just one example. The neatest and the most sanitary motel room can be infested with bed bugs. The messiest, most unsanitary motel room could be free of bed bugs. So, do not be fooled by a neat and tidy While you are surveying your temporary living space, it is a good idea to sniff the environment. Large colonies of bed bugs generate a sweet, musty odor, a rare sign of infestation.

“L” Lift And Look

The “L” stands for lift and look. This step is crucial for bed bug travel prevention. Consider the common hiding places of bed bugs and go from there. Lift the pillow, bed linen, throw rug, mattress, box spring, desktop décor, hanging wall art, chair cushions, and sofa pillows. Lift each item and examine it carefully, while looking for signs of bed bugs. Continue repeating this step until every item is examined and determined to be free of bed bugs.

“E” Elevate

The letter “E” represents elevate and assess. This step targets books, wastebasket, bedside table or nightstand, and chair. Elevate each item and examine it thoroughly and carefully. Keeping in mind, bed bugs will not move too far away from their hosts. In fact, bed bugs choose hiding places that are within short distances of their hosts’ beds.

“E” Examine

The second “E” stands for “examine”. This step helps to ensure travelers do not take bed bugs home with them. Before you make your last exit from the hotel room, it is recommended to examine your luggage and accessories. If your clothes and accessories are stored outside the luggage, you should still complete this step. Pick up each item and assess it carefully before placing it into the suitcase. Continue and every item has been examined thoroughly.

“P” Place

The “P” and last letter of the acronym SLEEP represent the term “place.” This is an optional step that will ensure you exit your motel room without bed bugs. It is recommended to transport your machine-safe accessories and clothes to the guest laundry room. Select the maximum heat cycle and 15 minutes. About 15 minutes of exposure to temperatures over 113 degrees Fahrenheit will eradicate bed bugs. An additional 5 minutes to deliver full extermination of bed bugs hiding in your personal belongings. Our exterminators are available to assist if the SLEEP strategy fails to protect you and your belongings from bed bugs. Frequent travelers are challenged with keeping bed bugs at bay.

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