What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsUsing scents may help the homeowner keep pests away from their home. The technique works exceptionally well for certain pests, but not all of them. Many believe that they can use scents and smells to stop bedbugs from approaching their dwellings. Are bedbugs deterred by certain smells? Research has shown that certain scents will have an impact on bedbugs, but they won’t keep them away. Instead, homeowners will need to find other techniques for keeping these pests away from their homes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to use a combination of methods. First, consumers should know that certain bedbugs are deterred by baby bedbug pheromones. Baby bedbugs release this smell so adult bedbugs will not approach. However, it should be noted that this technique only works for adult, male bedbugs. The baby bedbugs use this smell to stop males from trying to mate with them. It won’t stop females from approaching your home. Unfortunately, this means that pregnant female bedbugs should approach your home and create an infestation. Some people wonder whether essential oils would work for this purpose. The Department of Agriculture studied the effectiveness of essential oils for keeping bedbugs away. The results were intriguing. Although essential oils had an impact on bedbugs, it wasn’t enough to keep these pests away. Again, homeowners should not rely on these scents to keep bedbugs away from their homes. They’ll help, but these techniques are not reliable enough on their own. If you’re going to use essential oils, it is best to use paraffin oil, silicone oil, or blood orange oil.

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